At Christ Church Pre-School Playgroup we aim to provide high quality care and education for children below statutory school age in a happy and relaxed yet organised environment where children can become used to spending time away from their parents, learn to play together and take their place as members of a group.

We work in partnership with parents to help the children to learn and develop and the service we offer to children and their families promotes equality and values diversity.

We believe the education of young children is founded in play. The children are provided with a wide range of stimulating and absorbing activities, which we believe will help build their self-esteem, self-confidence, independence and creativity while developing their observation, enjoyment and appreciation of the world around them. At our latest Ofsted inspection, Ofsted commented that “The manager effectively evaluates the setting and works well with her staff team to make improvements. For example, they have developed good partnerships with local schools and early years providers. Staff prepare children well for a successful move on to the next stage in their learning.  Children develop high levels of independence and approach learning with great enthusiasm.”

Originally founded in 1972 by Brian and Pauline West, in Christ Church hall on Waterden Road. In 2020 our Preschool Playgroup moved sites to The Spike Centre on Warren Road. We are a non-denominational Preschool Playgroup and welcome children of all faiths.

“I have had the privilege of sending my two children to the outstanding Christ Church Pre-School. My daughter thrived in the caring hands of the very experienced staff and was well supported as she transitioned to primary school. My son is currently attending the setting and absolutely loves it, asking every morning if it’s time to go yet! Christ Church has struck just the right balance between nurturing and caring for the children, as well as stimulating and stretching each individual as they mature.”